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Inspired by culture

Sazon is every person who believes in us.


What makes Sazon unique?


It's our entire team's commitment to culinary technique & knowledge coupled with the drive and the desire to grow and flourish.


The passion of our culture is what makes us move, sharing quality experiences with customers on a daily basis. 


Nostalgia for our home and the passion to serve the food and values we grew up with is why Sazon was created.

Passion for perfection

We care about what you eat, & believe in creating an extraordinary experience in every visit.


We're driven daily - to show up, roll up our sleeves, & pick the
best ingredients to transform them into a delicious meal for you and your family.

Driven by emotion

"WOW. The food is nothing short of amazing and the staff is delightful. You can feel the passion for great food that goes into the cooking. This place is truly something special."

Ted W., 11/19/2019

Rooted in nostalgia

Welcome to the region where we grew up, in which our dreams began, & where we developed a demanding palate based on fresh products, easy access to the best suppliers, and exposure to a creative gastronomic revolution.

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